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Business owners need insurance coverage at least as much as private individuals. The cost of unforeseen accidents bites directly into a business’s bottom line, and can put the future of a business at risk.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance is important for business owners no matter what size their company is. Even an independently-employed person who uses a single vehicle for both business and pleasure may benefit significantly from insuring their car through the business rather than under their own name. Brian P. Cook can evaluate your situation and determine whether or not commercial auto insurance is right for you.

If your business operates vehicles that are driven by multiple employees, you definitely need commercial auto insurance. In certain circumstance, you may want to carry a commercial auto policy even if your employees use their own vehicles while they’re working for you. Check with us to see if you’re adequately covered!

Workers Compensation

Employees who are injured on the job have a legally-protected right to receive benefits following an injury. This is not a bad thing for business owners; the system of workers compensation regulations protects them from litigation and streamlines the entire disability process for employers as well as employees.

Workers Compensation Insurance assists businesses in meeting these obligations to their employees. Although this form of insurance is legally required in most places, it’s far from a necessary evil!

Getting a good deal on the Workers Compensation Insurance your business requires is a matter of working with professional agents. Brian P. Cook Insurance helps you define your workers compensation needs and then finds you the insurer that will meet them affordably.

General Liability Insurance

It’s important that your commercial insurance protects you against more than just damage and loss. Today virtually any kind of accident connected to your business may expose you to legal consequences, and general liability insurance can help bear this burden. Brian P. Cook Insurance stands ready to assist business owners looking for insurance coverage in the following categories:

  • Bodily Injury: Benefits cover the medical expenses, loss of service, disability, and restitution for death that may be caused by any accident on your premises or connected to your business.
  • Property Damage: Covers repair or replacement of property owned by employees, customers, or others that is damaged in connection to your company.
  • Products / Completed Operations: Provides assistance with the cost of any injuries or accidents blamed on products made or work done by your business.
  • Products Liability: A more specific insurance coverage designed to offer you maximum legal protection in the case of accidents and injuries incurred by your products.
  • Contractual Liability: Assists with additional liability your company may assume when you enter into contracts with individuals or other businesses.

Brian P. Cook also arranges coverage for a variety of specialized insurance types (from Liquor Liability to Advertising Injury) targeted at businesses in specific industries. Rest assured, we’ll present you with all of the important options when you consult us about your insurance needs.

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