Classic Car Insurance.

When you leave your home, you cannot leave behind the protective blanket of your insurance coverage. In fact, you’re legally obligated to carry auto insurance in the state of Louisiana!

In total, there are six different kinds of auto insurance coverage. Depending on your financial resources, your vehicle, and other factors, you may need some or all of them. (Don’t forget that you may have additional insurance obligations if you’re financing your car!)

Here are some auto insurance issues to discuss with Brian P. Cook Insurance:

  • How much coverage do you need? Make an honest assessment of how much money you’ll have available to pay for a car accident. You’ll need enough insurance to meet the difference between your on-hand resources and a worst-case scenario. Remember that you can often secure cheaper premiums in exchange for a higher deductible – a workable strategy if you’re willing and able to pay more following an accident.
  • What kind of service can you expect? Depending on the insurer you decide to work with, you could receive extremely attentive service or be left to arrange most matters for yourself following an accident. Let us use our extensive experience to guide you towards an insurance company that will meet your expectations.
  • Can you get discounts? Many auto insurers offer a wide array of discounts. Talk to us about your driving record, your car’s safety features, student status, and the possibility of bundling multiple policies together – there’s likely a way to cut down the cost of your auto insurance.
  • How does filing a claim work? Take the opportunity to learn how the claims process will work in the event of an accident. We can explain who to contact, how to file a claim, and what to expect next.

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