Flood & Windstorm Insurance

Damage from these two sources is NOT covered in a typical homeowners insurance policy. They’re extremely important in our region, though! Find the best deals on flood and windstorm insurance so you’re fully protected in the next major hurricane.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a vital companion to homeowners insurance here in Louisiana. Because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, a major hurricane can leave you in serious trouble if you don’t have an additional flood policy.

Following a major hurricane, federal assistance is often provided to homeowners who’ve experienced damage in the storm. As we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, relying on federal aid in such cases can be extremely risky. Why not use a flood insurance policy to provide yourself with a superior level of protection?

Whether you’re putting together a new insurance package or want to add flood insurance to your existing coverage, Brian P. Cook insurance can help.

Windstorm Insurance

As many homeowners have learned to their dismay in the last few hurricanes, insurance providers can get very specific about the difference between wind and water damage. Don’t get stuck in this trap following the next storm; consult Brian P. Cook Insurance to ensure that you have full protection! With a good windstorm policy, your home will be covered in a hurricane situation no matter what inflicts damage to it.

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